Free Seeds

What Is a Seed Library?

  • A place to get free seeds

  • A place to bring saved seeds

  • A place to share seeds

  • A place to learn about saving seeds

  • A resource for all to use and enjoy

  • A place that encourages you to play in the dirt!

Donate Seeds

How Do I Participate?

  • Look for the seeds you want in the seed binder, online spreadsheet, or the card catalog

  • Fill out the “Outgoing Seed Tracking” form in the member binder. Please take no more than one envelope per variety per family per growing season.

  • Grow your vegetables and flowers.

  • Allow some of your harvest to go to seed. Follow directions for saving seed.

  • Save some seeds to return to the library.

Learn Garden Tips

I Need Help!

No worries!

  • Browse our book collection to answer your questions.

  • Take a workshop: Check our calendar on our website and look for flyers as well.

  • Contact University of Maine Extension Office at

  • Email Terry at

  • Ask at the Circulation Desk!

The Bucksprouts Seed Library is now open! Community members can come take seeds to plant and grow their own flowers and vegetables. Our initial seed donation was through the generosity of High Mowing Seeds with additional seeds donated by Mainescape and other patrons. Our intent is for gardeners to learn how to save seeds so that we can provide this resource for years to come. Many thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers who made this possible. Come take some seeds, learn gardening tips, and network with others who garden too.