WELCOME to the Buck Memorial Library website. We are happy to provide you with a new library card when you come visit.  Additional services include Interlibrary loan for materials we don't have, and e-books and comics through the Cloud Library. Our library catalog can be searched from your own computer or phone. We hope to provide  an excellent library experience for the Bucksport, Orland, and Verona Island communities. Stay tuned to this site or follow us on Facebook to learn about future plans, and events. We invite you to share ideas and suggestions for how the library can best serve the needs of the community.

The Buck Memorial Library benefits all patrons with a physical and digital collection of materials, programs and space, to learn and grow.  We strive to be attentive to the needs of our community and be responsive to the ever-changing landscape of knowledge and how it is acquired. We believe there should be no financial barriers to anyone using a library, therefore we are fine-free. We are committed to serving all who walk through our doors.

The Buck Memorial Library will be closed from September 24th-October 16th, reopening on Tuesday October 17th at 10:00 am.  We will be installing new custom-made shelves, and new carpeting.  During this closure, we will cease all programming, and interlibrary loan.  Although there will be noticeable activity at the library, no one other than authorized personnel will be allowed to enter due to safety concerns.  Feel free to borrow extra materials through September 23rd to get you through the weeks we will be closed.  We look forward to re-opening our doors on October 17th and showing you all the improvements to your community library.   Don't worry, we will post pictures of the progress too!  P.S. We will now be open for Ghostport on October 21st reading stories, doing some scratch art and handing out treats.

Vex Robotics is back!

We will be bringing VEX Robotics back, though on a different day, and with a limited schedule due to our renovations and our volunteer schedules.  If your child is in 3rd-8th grade they can participate.  You must register with the library ahead of time, and it is on a first come, first served basis.  

Email: info@bucklibrary.org

or call us at 469-2650

Did you know that your middle grader can sign up for Vex Robotics at the middle school?  Whether they are in the middle school, or home schooled, they can participate in the program, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:30-4:00.

Youth Book Club is back!

Our Youth book club for 10-16 year-olds will return for one meeting, September 18th  here at the library.  It will start up again on October 30th, due to our upcoming closure for renovations.

This program is hosted by youth and is a wonderful way to share what you like, love or didn't enjoy about a book you read.

Snacks are provided, and you can also craft something while you all share your latest reads.

Join us in September if you can. If not, we'll see you in October.

Memory Kits

Do you have a loved one or neighbor who is experiencing memory loss? Consider borrowing a memory kit.  These kits are designed boost cognitive memory.  You can borrow a kit for 6 weeks.  We have 3, all with different items in them.

Caregiver Kits

Are you a caregiver for someone with memory loss? Consider borrowing one of our caregiver kits.  These kits include books about dementia, alzeimers, and giving care. In addition there are light novels, games to engage with your loved ones and special treats provided by Hannaford's and Port O' Call.

Working Without Walls @BML

The Buck Memorial Library is happy to announce we have been awarded $7934.00 by the Maine State Library and the Department of Economic and Community Development, Remote Work Through Libraries Grant. This grant enables us to purchase benches for our outdoor space, more comfortable seating for indoors, privacy screens, noise cancelling headphones, a projector and screen, and provide laptops for use within the library. Our project, Working Without Walls @BML will help support workers and students who come to the library to work. We look forward to implementing these additions in the coming months. 

Free newsletter with our new books!

Sign up for a free weekly newsletter that highlights all of our new books and events happening each week at the library.  You can opt out at any time, and you an also customize lists to only include the genres you read.

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Grant Award!

The library has just been awarded a $10,000 general grant to purchase new, custom shelves from the Maine State Prison.  We hope they will be ready and installed this coming Fall.

Have you heard of the Village?  

Mission Statement: The Village partners with local organizations and generous volunteers to boost the Bucksport community. Our mission is to be a bridge for existing organizations and community members, but also provide more volunteer based programs. Our website: Army of volunteers database 

▪ Matches volunteers with organizations struggling to find volunteers 

▪ Neighbors helping neighbors program, listserv style Local gems 

▪ Independent farms and farm stands listing 

▪ Independent plowing and yard services listing 

▪ Independent businesses, like cleaning, plowing, or yard care listing 

▪ Things to do (Increase info sharing by directing website users to event info listserv style and from our facebook facebook page. This includes our own events, like Ghostport, Frostfest, children's craft fair, pick up sports, playground afternoons Resources 

▪ Links to town resource pages 

▪ Links to local nonprofit pages 

▪ Links to public transportation information Groups and discussions 

▪ Info on Support and shared interest groups like, special needs parenting, black community social group, Lyme group, single parenting – with listserv setup ▪

 Direct to existing groups, like BBHCC’s thriving in place group 

▪ Moderated community discussion boards and info sharing for hot topics, like the landfill

Sign up here.  

Library Policy Reminder

Buck Memorial Library continues to find materials in our shelves that were placed there without our consent or knowledge.  No materials can be posted or distributed in the library without permission from the library director.  Nor can materials be hidden or defaced in any way.  Please adhere to the library policies as quoted below.  If you have any questions feel free to speak to the Director.

Flyers, Business Cards, Pamphlets: All materials coming to the library from outside vendors, businesses, nonprofits and other organizations must be given to the Library Director.  The Library Director will determine if the materials are appropriate for posting or distribution.  Any materials placed inside the library without the express permission of the Library Director will be removed.  If anyone is found distributing materials in our books or on our shelves they will be told to remove the materials and may be asked to leave the library..  If the behavior persists, the patron will lose their library privileges. 

Defacing, theft or deliberately hiding materials: Deliberately moving materials to other places in the library, or defacing them, is grounds for immediate loss of library privileges. Preventing others access to our materials through this behavior is not acceptable and will result in a loss of library privileges.  If caught defacing materials,  or removing any property of the Buck Memorial Library without permission will also be subject to fines in addition to being banned from the library. 

Seed Library is Open!

Our seed library is open for the season.  Join us for some exciting workshops in the coming months. And come get your seeds to plant.

Please consider supporting Buck Memorial Library with a financial contribution.  We rely on our annual appeal to help fund the programs and purchase the materials that we provide free of charge to all who walk through our doors.  Using a credit card? Click here.

Looking for Work?

News at Buck Memorial Library

On the one year anniversary of my becoming Library Director, I have created a newsletter.

Follow: https://newsatbml.blogspot.com/

Donating Books to BML

For those interested in helping replace our collection due to our latent mold issue please read below.  We appreciate your assistance.

Grant Award

Our holiday week is filled with celebration. Buck Memorial Library will be installing heat pumps very soon! This project is made possible through a $15,000.00 grant from the Association for Rural & Small Libraries through the generosity of a regional partner foundation.

The Association for Rural & Small Libraries (ARSL) builds strong communities through professional development and elevating the impact of rural and small libraries. ARSL recognizes the uniqueness of small and rural libraries and is committed to providing an environment that encourages excellence within this community of practice, supporting their goals of service and speaking on behalf of this important constituency. Since 1 in 3 public libraries in the U.S. serve a population of fewer than 2,500 people, there is a great opportunity to support these library professionals that are often overlooked. We believe in the value of rural and small libraries and strive to create resources and services that address national, state, and local priorities for libraries situated in rural communities. 

Check it out!